An interesting opinion piece which talks about the direction humanities are headed in the near future. It comes as no surprise that during tough economic times people tend to choose majors that are more likely to land them a job. However this choice often costs students the opportunity to explore a potential passion or even gain and learn from the great minds of the past. 

Something else which occurred to me while reading this piece has to do with the nature of college classes these days whether they are humanities or not. For a place of higher education which is meant to groom and cultivate the minds of students, college classes now have become more of a means to an end.

>> The Decline and Fall of the English Major <<



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  1. I totally agree with your analysis , but its like you said these are tough times . And doing what one loves doesn’t always translate to food on the table to put rather bluntly. Thank you posting this article, it shines light on a fact that most people are scared to talk about when deciding a major.

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